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Bottle Design

Bottle design inspired by one of my favorite artists - Louise Bourgeois. Bourgeois used craft-related materials typically associated with the "feminine" to create raw pieces of fine art investigating gendered identity. For CALM, I drew a female figure and eggs in her style, using the same CALM lettering from one of her pieces. I also crafted a small house reminiscent of the red houses she drew to overcome her insomnia at night (red is a prominent color in her work). On the back I used a poem she wrote about fearing emptiness, with a slight nod to the product "bottle" as well as her work - investigating domestic space and her conflicts as a mother & a child.


Bottle Design

Another bottle design inspired by the artist Louise Bourgeois. Tangerine is named from a ritual of her father's at his dinner parties - he would peel a female form from the skin of a tangerine, show it to his guests and then laugh, saying it was more beautiful than his daughter. Much of Bourgeois' work is in part processing her father's emotional abuse. This bottle was inspired by her sculptural work - most specifically her cages (witholding a needle, and bright red heart) & her Spider pieces. 

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